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An Easily Wearable Protective Sleeve

  • The Lick Sleeve is easy to fit over your dog's leg.
  • It includes a wrap that helps you attach the sleeve to your puppy's leg. The wrap goes over your dog's back and around its chest or flank.
  • A quick-clip buckle keeps the sleeve in place and makes removal fast and simple.
  • The Lick Sleeve's reversible design makes it easy to attach and take off. Our dog recovery sleeve can fit either the left or right leg.

Effective Leg Protection

  • Our leg sleeve for dogs doesn't cover your dog's paw, allowing your pet to maintain its mobility.
  • The sure-fit design covers from the ankle to hip, protecting this area from:
  1. Mud and grime
  2. Licks and bites
  3. Scratches
  4. Abrasions

Free to Move, Play, & Mingle

  • The lightweight, flexible, and breathable material of our sleeve lets your pup move and flex its leg naturally. It doesn't restrict your dog's senses either, keeping your pet calm.
  • Your pup can mingle and play with you and other dogs, thanks to the Lick Sleeve's flexible design.
  • The sleeve allows for unconfined movement, allowing them to navigate, doors, hallways and obstacles in your home.

A Durable Protective Sleeve

  • The three-way stretch of our fabric is resistant to wearing, rubbing, and tearing.
  • The premium fabric used is perfect to get a snug, sure-fit on most any canine.
  • The Lick Sleeve comes with a durable strap, ensuring that a snug fit can be maintained.

Perfect for All Canines

This protective sleeve is available in multiple sizes*. We offer the Lick Sleeve for:

  • Small dogs (20-30 lbs)
  • Medium-sized dogs (30-50 lbs)
  • Large dogs (50-80 lbs)
  • Extra-large dogs (80-120 lbs)

* Please see our instructional video on how to properly size a Lick Sleeve for your dog's body type.

Machine Washable

  • You can even clean the Lick Sleeve and have your pup wear it again and again.

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